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US tear gas used in Eqypt
America, torture store to the world


Egyptian riot police are firing tear gas canisters bearing the label "Made in U.S.A" against street
demonstrations in Cairo, according to protesters who provided ABC News with pictures of the canisters.

The protestors said the tear gas canisters were recovered in downtown Cairo on Tuesday.
The label urges anyone who comes in contact with the gas "to seek assistance as soon as possible."

According to the canister labels, the tear gas is produced by Combined Systems International of
Jamestown, Pennsylvania.  The company's web-site says it sells "non-lethal weapons" to
foreign governments, without specifying Egypt.

The United States provides $1.3 billion a year in military financing for Egypt. According to the State
Department's 2010 budget request, the aid is used to help strengthen and modernize the Egyptian army.

Egyptians who are part of the street demonstrations told ABC News that the evidence of
the U.S.-made tear gas sends a powerful signal.

"The way I see it the U.S. administration supports dictators," said Aly Eltayeb, 26,
who has participated in the protests since Tuesday.

"The way tear gas works is by spreading panic," he said. "Your eyes tear up so you can't see,
and you feel like your suffocating. You can actually breathe but you feel like you are
suffocating so you try to run, but when you run you inhale more."

Why do we always have to be the arms suppliers of the world?
Why don't we give them food & medicine and let them use their
food & medicine money to buy weapons from a backward's nation?

No wonder we're hated arpound the globe.
We get into everybody's dirty laundry and pick a side,
a side that almost always ends up losing in the long run.


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