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Uncle Tom Teabaggers 


Black members of the tea party movement (seriously?) on Wednesday rejected charges that
the group's activists are racist, saying they oppose Obama because of his policies not his skin color.

The members gathered at a Washington news conference in the wake of allegations about its rank and file,
heightened by the recent split with a top Teabagger who had posted a hateful race letter on his blog written
from "Colored People" to Abraham Lincoln. The post suggested that black people would choose slavery
over having to do real work.

The black members said the racism that has been attributed to the tea party movement came from
outsiders who infiltrated the groups to discredit their work and it should be rejected.   ha ha

"These people do not oppose Barack Obama because of his skin color.
They oppose him because of his policies," claimed Lloyd Marcus, a spokesman for the group.

He's lying.
He's being paid by rich Republicans to scream "nigger" at the White House.

I got cash money that says Lloyd Marcus can't list the Obama policies that he disagrees with.
And where the hell were these Baggers when Bush was actually, physically destroying our country?

Several members assailed Obama and the Democrats, often in harsh terms. Other Baggers called Democrats
white supremacists and elitists. Conservative Moms for America leader Mary Baker said Democrats were
pushing "anti-God politics."  "Destroy America. That's what the D in Democrat means," she said. 

Yeah, that makes sense.
Scream "racists" at the party that includes Blacks and praise the all-white GOP.
What a nutty bitch this Mary Baker is.

How much are they paying you, Mary?
Did you get a new car for screaming "nigger" at the White House?

Alan Keyes, who's ass Obama smoked in 2004, said the president  "got elected on a
virulent form of racism" by exploiting his race during the 2008 campaign.

Pure horseshit, unless he's talking about Team Obama's plan to turn the Clintons into racists.
Obama did everything he could to AVOID talking about race in 2008.

Of course, he benefitted from the Republicans and the media and half the Democrats talking about
"how terribly racist the Clintons were," so maybe that's what fruitcake Keyes is talking about.


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