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Unfriendly fire: The angry media 
by that idiot Howard Kurtz


The nastiness index keeps on rising, and all of us are getting sullied in the process.

Media outlets, which once merely chronicled this era of hyper-partisanship, now seem
to be both the purveyors and often the targets of ugly attacks.

In just the past few weeks, Salon's Joan Walsh and Howard Dean have accused Fox News of racism;

That accusation is true.
Howie, you liar, you have appointed yourself "media referee" then you side with the GOP.
Fuck you.

Conservative crusader Andrew Breitbart has delighted in pushing a maliciously edited video smearing
Shirley Sherrod and refused to apologize; Fox hosts have denounced mainstream organizations as Obama
lap dogs for downplaying a case involving the New Black Panther Party; e-mails from an off-the-record
discussion group showed one liberal pundit wishing for Rush Limbaugh's death and another suggesting that
conservatives such as Fred Barnes be tarred as racist; Rolling Stone's Michael Hastings was accused of
betraying journalistic ethics with the story that torpedoed Gen. Stanley McChrystal, and Hastings's critics
were ripped as lackeys of the military establishment.

It's journalism as blood sport, performed for the masses.

Hey asshole, why not take a principled stand and call out the bad guys?

FOX News IS a racist organization and everybody knows it.
Hell, FOX is PROUD to be the whites-only, Teabagger News Network.

They SPONSOR Teabagger rallies, for Christ's sake.
They also sponsored Bush's war of choice in Iraq.

If you had a shred of ethics... (why should I bother to finish that?)

And yes, Breitbart went WAAAAY beyond fair when he smeared Sherrod - odd you'd call him on that,
then you go and smear all liberals by claiming "one liberal poundit" wrote something.

Fuck you.
Briertbart is a big star in the GOP.

"One liberal poundit" means nothing.
Fuck you for being such a liar, Howie.

Fred Barnes IS a racist - and he's dumber than a f-ing Chimp, too.

Howie, why don't you quit and join FOX like Bill Hemmer did.

You appoint yourself as the judge and then you sell out.
We call that being a whore.

<>By not calling out the bullies for their crimes YOU add to the problem.
The Democrats aren't going to do it, and since the media won't, they're bolder next time.

Fuck you, Howie.

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