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Subject: Vaporizers....

An “herb” vaporizer is a pretty simple device.  THC boils at 157 °C (315 °F).  
What the vaporizer does is to heat your herb to a point where it doesn’t burn 
but where the THC boils off into a kind of “steam”.  

This “steam” is captured by the vaporizer and you inhale it directly.  
What’s left is the unburned herb, minus the boiled-off THC (i.e., useless hemp)

I think that's what I've been getting - someone else's used Vapor droppings.
Vaporizers can be a little tricky to get used to.  
For one, you take tiny little “hits” from the trapped steam (which is invisible) 
rather than deeply inhaling as you might with a “bong”.  Also, because you aren’t 
burning anything, there is no smoke, no smell of smoke and the taste takes some 
getting used to (like eating parsley).  

You can use just a pinch at a time because you’re getting ALL of the THC the pinch can deliver.
No need to go with a $300+ vaporizer.  

As long as it brings the herb to the THC boiling point and captures the steam, 
there isn’t anything else that a $300+ vaporizer adds to the experience.  

A $50 vaporizer can do the same job.
Dennis in DC
Pro tip: before vaporizing, grind your herb as finely as possible - to an almost powder consistency.  
Some shops will also sell essential oils you can add to the mix to enhance your yield or flavor.

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