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Vatican: women priests a 'crime against faith'
Actually, raping children is a severe crime, you pedophiles


The new rules issued by the Vatican  puts attempts at ordaining women among the “most serious crimes”
alongside paedophilia and will be handled by investigators from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF),
considered the successor to the Inquisition.

Women attempting to be priests, and those who try to ordain them, already faced automatic excommunication
but the new decree goes further and enshrines the action as “a crime against sacraments”.
The unexpected ruling follows Pope Benedict XVI’s open-armed welcome to Anglican clergy dissatisfied
with General Synod attempts to compromise over calls for the ordination of women as bishops. 

First of all, admit this was an arbitrary decision by Benny the Rat.
This wasn't something from the Bible that you can hide behind.

And why can't women join your little club?
It is because they won't go along with the boy rapes?

What a crock, making female involvement "a most serious crime."
Who could possibly take you clowns serious, anymore?
You guys have become as respected as the US Supreme Court (not a compliment).


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