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Vermont priest sex abuse 
 26 raped kids get paid off w/ $18M 


Those raping Catholics are at it - AGAIN!

Dozens of former altar boys who sued Vermont's Catholic church over priests raping them will be paid off 
with nearly $18 million that stupid Catholics gave to those rapist bastards over the years.

The attorney for the 26 rape victims said, "Our clients are very happy to close this chapter in their lives. 
Nothing changes the pain they will live with this the rest of their lives, but at least now they can put this 
nightmare behind them and move forward."

Bishop Salvatore Matano pretended to have remorse, but nobody's buying it because they know the 
Catholic rapists will continue their vicious, organized rape sprees on little boys around the world.

Many of the payoffs centered on Rev. Edward Paquette, who the Vatican KNEW was a rapist
before they transferred the sick bastard to the still-in-the-dark victims in Vermont in the mid-1970s.

Last month, a judge set a Sept. 20 trial date for the cases unless they could be settled out of court.

In addition to the 26 pending cases that were settled for $17.65 million, they agreed to settle three cases 
that had already been decided in court and were on appeal. The diocese said those settlements 
would remain confidential.

Matano the rapist said that to make the payment, the church would sell its Burlington headquarters, 
which includes prime, undeveloped Lake Champlain waterfront property and a lakeside rape camp 
on Malletts Bay in Colchester where many, many rapes were scheduled to happen in the future..

Don't you see what these rapist-bastards did?
They settled this before it went to trial where the testimony would be public.

By burying the testimony on these rapes, they can avoid the headlines and the publicity.
By burying the testimony on these rapes, they can rape a little easier tomorrow.

Fewer people will be aware of the real purpose behind joining the priesthood this way.
Fewer parents will be wise to the Catholics plans and more child rapes will happen.

The Catholic Church exists to rape children - how can anybody deny that?

Any parent who lets their children near a priest is on notice that their child
may be raped by their priest.  It is like the warning on a pack of cigarettes...

Warning: Priests will rape your little boy if they get a chance.

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