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Voters blame Republicans
  by Steve Benen


A new poll says eight in 10 Americans say that the economy is in poor shape, and the number
that says conditions are very poor is on the upswing after steady declines through the spring.

And according to the survey, more people blame the Republicans over the Democrats
for the country's economic problems.

At first blush, the angry, frustrated public would be welcome news to the GOP,
which hopes to capitalize on voter anxiety.

But, at least in this poll, Americans aren't in large numbers holding the majority
responsible for the mess Republicans left for Dems to clean up.

Respondents were asked, for example, "Do you think the Democrats or the Republicans
are more responsible for the country's current economic problems?"

A 44% plurality said the GOP is to blame, 35% pointing the finger at Democrats,
and 16% held both parties equally responsible.

While the percentage of respondents blaming Dems has grown steadily, the percentage
blaming Republicans is now at its highest point in over a year. When presidents' names
are added to the mix, the results are even more one-sided.

Respondents were asked, "Do you think Obama and the Democrats or Bush and the
Republicans are more responsible for the country's current economic problems?"

With this wording, a 55% majority blamed the GOP, while 33% blamed the Dems.

But our whore media says a Demo-bloodbath is coming - we'll see.


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