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Hate in my Heart
 by William Rivers Pitt


There is a great deal of hate in my heart today. Not the healthiest condition to find myself in,
but these things sometimes cannot be helped. The hate is a free-flowing thing, expanding in all
directions because, simply put, there is something to revile and despise in virtually every direction I turn.
Sarah Palin's ridiculous reality show was a ratings blockbuster. Hateful. George H. W. Bush is getting
the Presidential Medal of Freedom, because Mr. Obama just can't help sucking up to the very Republicans
who are about to make a project out of throttling his administration. Hateful. There will be no punishment
for those who destroyed CIA evidence of rampant torture during the Bush administration. Wildly hateful...

More than half the members of Congress are millionaires - 261 of them, to be exact - which puts the stalled
conversation on erasing the Bush-era tax breaks for the wealthy into much greater and more nauseating perspective.

The Democrats squandered this sure-fire winner of an issue in the run-up to the midterms (two-thirds of
Americans want those tax cuts repealed) while simultaneously dropping the ball on extending the tax cuts
for the middle class. Why, we asked? What's the point? Did they want to lose in November? No, I suppose
they didn't...but it sure looks now like they want to be rich more than they want to be in the majority,
and the rest of us, again, are left to suck on it.

The Democrats...ah, yes, the Democrats. Seldom in history has there been a larger collection of utterly
useless people than the motley mob of elected officials who rally under the banner of the Democratic Party.

This we must put at Obama's feet.
He's the leader of the party of useless people.

In football terms, Obama is our coach and we're not ready to play.
Every down, we jump offsides, we have an illegal formation, too many players on the field, etc.

Have you ever seen a less effective coach/party leader?

They had the House, the Senate, the White House and put two new Justices on the Supreme Court, and yet
with all that power and influence, found themselves blown out yet again in a midterm election. It's not that
they were ineffective during those years - quite the contrary, in fact. But if a tree falls in the forest and the
media doesn't report on it, did it happen? The virtual blackout of reporting on what the Democrats got done
can certainly be blamed to a degree on the "mainstream" news media, but it goes far beyond that, and must
in the end be laid at the feet of a hapless party and a president who appears to have attended the
Blind, Deaf 'n Dumb School of Political Messaging.

I'm reminded of the pizza analogy we used to use when talking about cars made in Detriot.
(Note: Detroit is doing much better these days.)

There are those Obama fans who make long lists of why he's doing a great job.

"He's got the best crust you ever tasted on a pizza," yet the public won't buy it.
"He's got the best cheese you ever tasted on a pizza," yet the public won't buy it.
"He's got the best sauce you ever tasted on a pizza," yet the public won't buy it.
"He's got the best veggies you ever tasted on a pizza," yet the public won't buy it.
"He's got the best pepperoni you ever tasted on a pizza," yet the public won't buy it.

The time to turn things around was August of 2009.

Here we are 16 months later and Obama's idea of turning things around
is a vow to compromise more with the two-headed, snarling, rabid dog.


 Why can't our president see what every other Democrat sees?

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