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Subject: Wasilla Trip Report  

I left Fairbanks after locating my glacoma fighting medication around midnight,
and arrived in Wasilla at a sports bar in time to watch my beloved Badgers.

They weather and scenery were outstanding outside fall colors already happening.
After breakfast, a Bloody Mary and a lackluster victory. I headed over to the Menard Sports Arena.
The crowd was small , elderly, with right-wing "patriot" clothing, and little energy.

Teabagger Joe Miller kept himself under control.  Reading the paper and finding a place to shower
killed time until I spotted the Quitter Queen shaking hands with the people next to me.
I turned my back and remained respectful only because of 9-11. ( Last year when she quit
in Fairbanks, I went up to her and said "Thank you for quitting - we will all be better off now".)

She looked at me stunned and in five seconds, frozen in time, turning meaner and uglier,
blurtted out 'You're not a very nice guy."

Listening to her repeat her talking points three times with never-ending run-on sentences,
I ran from the building hoping to see someone with a sign. It was too nice of a day and with
such a small crowd I wanted to head on down to Anchorage for bigger game. 

The doors opened at seven people were lining up at 6:30.   By 7 I had my signs and for the
next hour I attempted to be the loudest and most obnoxious in-your-face protester there.

Nice group of protesters and great signs. Some chanting, my favorite was ''Real Alaskans don't quit".
After everyone was in, I looked for a breech in security and was able to enter sans $85 ticket by
sheer nerve and luck. I had my Prophets for Profit sign with me and held it in the lobby
during intermission that followed a 20 minute Beck-Palin opening totally void of anything interesting.

Several times I was hasseled by security (threatened with ejection) so I  kept moving around.
During intermission I attracked a good 15 adversaries and we had a lively discussion and I kept my cool.
(You must think I am crazy but I am 6'5' 260 lbs).

Beck and his chalkboard I did not get, these are people that did not pay attention in the first place at school.
When two women were removed for calling Beck a hypocrite, he got all self righteous and said,
"I don't why they say I hate"

During his talk he has a hair up his ass about W. Wilson and sez he hates the guy and I yell out "Hater!"
to show the IRONY. After saying he hates Wilson three times and me yelling out to large groans and
dirty looks, several people got up to get security. I ducked into the Men's Room and lo and behold
was the shameless promoter who I finger-pointed shamed three times for making money off 9-11.

<>I was in the crowd when my forth and last hater had me physically ejected by three people
thrown into the street.  I had a nice trip back home, that is how I spent 9-11.

Luebke, I think you did great.


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