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We Can’t Close the Deficit by Taxing “The Rich"
by Enrique


On Wednesday, Obama laid out his master plan for confronting our massive budget shortfalls,
in the form of a speech completely devoid of substance or imagination. Improbably, he still seems
to think we can solve the problem by taxing Americans making more than $250,000 a year.
You're not going to believe this, but we can't. Someone tell this Obama guy.

I wish I knew how much Enrique makes in a year.

He's either wealthy and he's damn tired of paying his fair share, or he's not wealthy
and he's arguing that his taxes need to be higher because "that's most fair" which means
he is insane and arguing against his own self-interests.

Why do Republicans say the super-rich need our help, and our pity?

Why do non-rich people argue that the super-rich must have more, and right away?

That's why the reader needs to know the writer's wealth status - so we'll know up-front
if we're reading the rants of an insane man or just a greedy-ass Republican bastard.

I get that the super-rich have to have every f-ing penny they can get their grubby little hands on.
I do not get the less-than wealthy asking for either higher taxes for themselves or fewer services.

Next time you're in a car wreck on a rainy night because the paint had faded,
tell me then how it's better to have cash-starved local and state governments.

Next time you're in the hospital because you ate food tainted with some e-coli,
tell me then how it's better to have a cash-starved Food and Drug Administraion.

Next time you're in a jet that lands at night without hearing from the Control Tower,
tell me then how it's better to have a cash-starved transportation department.

Next time you need an ambulance or a cop or a fire engine at your home,
tell me then how "smaller government is better government."

We get out of this by taxing the super-rich back to the "Prosperity levels of the nineties"
and making the super-rich corporations pay a minimum 10% tax on their gross profit.

If they don't like that, they can pack the fuck up and move to a PO Box in Antiqua
and they'll no longer be allowed to do business in the United States.


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