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What Would a Maverick Do? 


In the end, it’s the middle-aged housewife who gets to him. On a blistering June day north of Phoenix,
John McCain, short and sprightly in a baby-blue gingham button-down, has been harangued repeatedly
by an antiwar demonstrator during his town-hall meeting. A couple of hours earlier, he’d had to stand
red-faced while a transsexual woman made a speech about a nondiscrimination bill in Congress
(I’ll go back and review it again, he said stiffly).

Then, during an event in a YMCA recreation facility in the suburb of Carefree, he can’t hold it together anymore.
A woman takes a paper from her purse and begins reading McCain’s own concession speech from the 2008 election.
After he was beaten by Barack Obama, the senator from Arizona promised to find ways to come together to find
the necessary compromises to bridge our differences. "That was your words" says the woman. "I was very heartened
when I heard these words, and my question is: What happened?" 

Blinking rapidly, McCain develops an expression like a grenade about to detonate. Simple, he snaps.
This administration has decided to govern from the far left without any consultations or negotiations or
any compromises to be made with the other party! His supporters applaud, and McCain’s face twitches.
"You know how many times I’ve been asked to go over to the White House to negotiate on any issue?"
he asks, not waiting for an answer. "Zero," he says with a huff.  "Zero."

McCain ends the exchange with a starkly disingenuous "Thanks very much," the smirk on his face
doing nothing to conceal his annoyance. "Next time," he says, "please bring another speech."

As always when a Republican speaks, the exact opposite is true.

Obama wasted his first year bending over backwards to please the sons of bitches.
He lost his base by trying to please the right-wing loons and what did it get him?

McCain can't tell the truth because he's fighting for his job in a party where
the craziest sombitch gets the most votes and doing business with "that nigger"
is the fastest way to get retired so McCain, and America, is fucked.

The Left is very angry with Obama for "being George Bush's third term" yet the
Nazi right keeps screaming how "Obama has turned the country over to Al Qaeda."
The truth is somewhere in the middle but Obama has done an abysmal job of explaining himself.

Goes Obama have any allies left?

Of course, our lying whore media just pours gasoline on this fire - they'd love
of carry the blow-by-blow account of a civil war where millions could die.


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