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What's at stake on Nov 2
 by DeRange Wickham


As I watched Obama walk alone to his waiting helicopter, I had something of a political awakening.
It was in that moment, following the president's one-hour meeting with me and nine other black columnists,

That's what this column is about.
Wickham wants you to know that he's sooooo important - he got a semi-sit-down with the president.

that I understood the campaign strategy Republicans have crafted. For the GOP, the central issue of
the midterm elections is Obama...after months of withering, right-wing attacks on the Obama-led efforts
to bail the nation out of the economic mess that took root when they controlled everything, and a nagging
concern about broken promises among elements of Obama's political base, Republicans are using the
president's declining popularity to rally support for GOP congressional candidates.

They are buoyed in this effort by right wingers who chant: "I want my country back," as if slaves have
taken over the plantation. And they are financed to a great degree by right-wing donors who pour money
 - much of it untraceable - into the GOP coffers...

To stop them, Democrats must energize their base. They've got to get young whites and Hispanics to
the polls in numbers that are not usually seen in midterm elections by making them understand what's
at stake if Republicans win the Congress. And they've got to make blacks understand that while Obama
is not on the ballot next month, his presidency is under attack.

I read the enitire column and I never caught the part about "what's at stake," so I guess I was right.

The purpose of this column was to let you know how big and important DeRange Wickham is.


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