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What's good for General Motors... it good for the rest of us?


In the final analysis, the self-described "conservatives" aren’t. Liberals and progressives insist, in the words of 
the U.S. Constitution, that it is the government’s legitimate role "to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, 
provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves 
and our posterity." Accordingly, the liberals are the authentic conservatives.

How then have the regressives succeeded in foisting a belief in the dogma of market absolutism upon a sizeable 
portion of the United States population, including the media and perhaps a majority of the U.S. Congress? 
They have accomplished this through the expenditure of vast sums of private money in support 
of "think tanks," in the purchase of media, and in political campaign contributions. 

You bet they do.

Republicans fight hard for their beliefs every minute they're awake.
They get out their wallets, too - especially the super-rich ones.

Want to start an I-hate-Obama web site?  Here's $50,000 - will that be enough?

Want to start a Obama-is-good-for-America web site?
Good luck.

Our super-rich tend to donate $1,000 now and then and our elected Democrats?
They can't find time to talk about things so asking them to actually fight is an exercise in futility.

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