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Where is Obama's Offense?
He's playing nothing but Defense
by Mr. Buzzflash


Early on in John Kerry's campaign for president in 2004, BuzzFlash wrote an editorial
advising him to define his opponent or risk being defined as a caricature.

He didn't listen and got Swiftboated upside his head.

The Republicans, with the help of some in the corporate media, created an image of Al Gore
as an exaggerator and worse in 2000. He didn't listen either.

Now, Obama appears to have fallen victim to the same lack of savvy and guts
on the part of Democrats to go on the offensive and lead public opinion forward.
He, too, appears to perennially - with few exceptions - lack the conviction to dispel the lies
of the Republicans and attack his opponents with the truth. There seems to be no disciplined
message, no understanding of the power of the media to echo key phrases and values.

As BuzzFlash has said many a time, if you repeat a lie five times it becomes the truth.
That's the modus operandi at Fox and with the GOP - and it works for at least half the
American population. "Reality" consists of falsehoods delivered through coordinated right-wing
media shills and Republican politicians until they come to be perceived as "the truth."

Mr. Buzzflash's title for this article is 
When Will the Democrats Stop Playing All Four Quarters of the Game on Defense?

But Obama is our leader - if Democrats are surrendering up-front, it's on Obama's orders.

Take Harry Reid, he says he's OK with extending the Bush bastards' tax cuts for the super-rich.
That means Obama is OK with that and that's another surrender in advance.

Considering Buzzflash's vigorous and full-throated cheerleading for Obama in 2008,
I can under stand why they'd like to spread some of that blame around, but the fact remains
Obama is our leader and he's not doing a very good job of leading these days.



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