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Campaign 2010: Where to Put Blame 
 by Robert Parry

Perhaps the biggest political question in 2010 is whether the American people will blame the nation’s mess on the 
long-term impact of Ronald Reagan's "government is the problem" ideology (and on his successors from the Bush Family)
– or on Barack Obama for not solving enough of the problems in less than two years.

The Republicans hope that public impatience with Obama will work to their advantage, while the Democrats must pray 
that the voters will recognize that the mess developed over several decades and that it makes little sense to hand power 
back to the party that dominated those years of national decline.

While most smart money is on the American people’s famous lack of historical memory (thus favoring the Republicans), 
there is a case to be made that it was Reaganism – a combination of anti-government ideology at home and tough-guy
policies abroad – which led to many problems that America now faces.

Over the past 30 years, Reaganism and its spinoffs under George H.W. and George W. Bush caused or contributed to: 
Deregulation of corporations, union-busting, tax cuts for the wealthy, a shrinking middle class, lost manufacturing jobs, 
unprecedented federal debt, unbridled Wall Street greed, bubble-and-bust cycles, the worst recession since the 
Great Depression, two unfinished wars, erosion of civil liberties, environmental degradation, and a continued 
dependence on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil.

Yet, many U.S. pundits suggest that the American people are up in arms, Tea Party-style, against Big Government, 
that they want more unrestrained capitalism, less regulation of Wall Street banks, continued freedom for health insurance 
companies to operate as they wish, more tax cuts tilted toward the well-to-do, reductions in social programs like 
Social Security and Medicare, more belligerence toward enemies abroad – in short, more Reaganism.

So far, however, this analysis has not been confirmed by election results, including those on Tuesday. To the surprise 
of many pundits, a relatively conservative blue-collar district in Pennsylvania, which voted against Obama in 2008, e
lected Democrat Mark Critz to fill the seat of the late Rep. John Murtha, a Democrat who used government programs 
to get his constituents jobs.

The ship hit the iceberg while Bush was in charge and had been for seven years
and now they want to blame Obama for the ship taking water?

He's right, tho...

The Democrats can always find a way to remain silent about the blame.

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