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Whites pay Blacks to 'Tom'
National Tom Association loves their GOP


Rich, white Republicans pay Black "Toms" to scream "nigger" at Obama.

"Look at that uppity nigger, enslaving the Black man in 2010 
  after the Republicans worked so hard to free them in 1865."

"Look at that uppity nigger, tearing up the Constitution."

"Look at that uppity nigger, forcing Stalinism 
  down poor, defenseless Whitey's throat."

"Look at that uppity nigger, saying the Teabaggers are racists!"

      "Look, we found a Lady Tom at a Teabagger rally!  That's proof Obama is lying!"

"Look at that nappy-headed boy, crying like a baby!"

"Look at that Stalinist, lying about global warming!"

"Look at The Kenyan, trying to keep 
  good whites like Sarah out of office!"

Oh, Lordy Lawd, cain't somebody help these poor white people?

Let me guess:
These Toms LIKE that Arizona passed a law that lets every racist cop
pull over a car full of Blacks and demand to see their papers.

Are members of the National Tom Association in Arizona
going to carry their birth certificates with them at all times?

Or will the GOP issue them a "He's one of the good ones" badge?

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