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Whitman knew worker was illegal?
Looks like she might get to save that last $80M


Meg Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay who hates undocumented Beaners, was accused by her
former housekeeper and nanny, an undocumented Mexican national, of employing her despite knowing of her
status as an illegal immigrant for six years. The woman -- Nikki Diaz-Santillan -- claims that Whitman knew she
was an illegal immigrant but kept her on as her vulnerability to retaliation meant she could be more easily exploited.

Although Diaz was hired for 15 hours a week at $23 an hour, Whitman worked her for more than 15 hours a week
as a housekeeper, nanny and go-fer, the billionaire refused to give her more money or a raise. She also refused her
a leave when she became pregnant in 2005.

In April 2009, Whitman informed Diaz that she was going to run for governor of California. At a press conference
at the offices of her attorney, Gloria Allred (Second biggest Publicity Whore in America), a tearful and frightened Diaz
told the press that she then asked her employer for help to regularize her immigration status. Meg Whitman's respeonse
was to laugh at her request. Whitman's husband, who was present, told his wife that he had warned her that Diaz
was going to make trouble and began yelling at Diaz.

After promising Diaz that she'd have her lawyer look into helping her get legal, she turned on her long-time employee.
"She said, 'I cannot help you,'" Diaz said at the news conference, which was carried live by

They say in Wednesday night's debate, Whiteman said people who hire undocumented aliens
should be held accountable, and she had a nine-year illegal employee that she treated like crap?

You'd think this would finish her in this race
but California voters are as crazy as any voters in America.


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