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Who Should Replace Rahm?
This might be great news for Obama


The news that Chicago Mayor Daley would not run for a seventh term was a shocker.
Instant speculation that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel may step down to run for the job was not.

Robert Gibbs hinted that a mayoral run could be in Emanuel's future.
"Something like that doesn't come around a lot," Gibbs told reporters, suggesting there
could be turnover at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. after the midterm election.

With his own approval ratings in the dumps, Obama will need a chief of staff who can
champion what's left of his first-term agenda while preparing for election to a second.

Should the new chief of staff be a no-holds-barred Washington insider like Emanuel?
Or a fresh face -- by Washington standards -- who can bring credibility to a badly battered
White House? Maybe a former governor with executive experience?

Either way, we could hardly do worse.
I always liked Rahm, until he turned into the Great Appeaser.

I figured Rahm would be one of the last to surrender early.
Wrong again.

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