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Who is Alvin Greene, really?
Clyburn: All Three Dem Candidates are GOP Planrs

       "I don't trust the sons of bitches..."


We've been keeping a close eye on the accusations and rumors coming out of South Carolina 
in recent days following a very strange Democratic primary. It's far from clear whether any of the 
mysterious candidates who performed better than expected for being little known were "plants" 
or part of any larger plot.

Today House Majority Whip James Clyburn accused all three candidates he's already suggested 
were "plants" of hiring Stonewall Strategies, a firm run by former aide to Rep. Joe Wilson. 
On MSNBC today charged that Democratic candidates Gregory Brown, Ben Frasier in SC-01 
and Alvin Greene in the Senate race had employed Stonewall. Preston Grisham, who runs Stonewall, 
flatly denied the charge in an interview.

Clyburn (D-SC) has spent the last several days suggesting that something was amiss during 
Tuesday's primary, during which Frasier and Greene prevailed despite a lack of campaigning 
and no recognition from the state Democratic party.

You see?
They're extra-crazy in South Carolina.

Remember, this is the state run by Gov. Mark Sanford, the Appalachian Trail hiker dude?

It's also the state whose Rethugs just voted in that Sikh lady Nikki Haley,
who most everyone in South Carolina has claimed they have splet with.

In Oklahoma, all we get are Jim Inhofe ads that show his opponent growing Devil horns.

"I'm the biggest scumbag 
  in the entire Senate..."

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