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Subject: RE: Why LeBron left Cleveland   

Simple answer: He's an asshole.

A cowardly, lying, back-stabbing asshole.

Dan Gilbert ran off at the mouth, yes. But he was only channeling the rest of angry Cleveland fans James screwed over.

James had the right to go, no doubt. He gave us seven great years. But, supposedly, he was one of ours.
A native of Akron. A four-time All-Ohioan in high school. A big Ohio State fan.

He said he cared about the area and the city. He said he cared about the fans. But He lied.
Lied with an evil that rivals Bush/Cheney. In the heat of everything, he claimed "Akron was his hometown, not Cleveland."
THERE IS NO NBA FRANCHISE IN AKRON, OHIO. His "hometown" team could ONLY be the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He left the Cavaliers in the most cowardly way possible.
The one good thing about the ESPN broadcast was the money raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America,
but even that was a ploy. He wanted his followers, his minions, around him to stroke his ever-growing ego.

He said he wanted to be the man who brought a championship to Cleveland. But he left town to be one of two
subservients to Dwyane Wade. He doesn't want the ball. He's not a leader. He's a follower.

Gilbert gave his "posse" high-paying jobs within the Cavaliers organization. Anything he ever wanted,
Gilbert tried to give it to him. He wanted a running mate, he signed Larry Hughes to a big money deal.
He wanted a center, Gilbert signed Shaquille O'Neal. He wanted someone that could improve the offense mid-season,
Gilbert traded for Antwan Jamison. But it was never good enough for him.

By the NBA's own rules, only the Cavaliers could give him the biggest contract: 6 years, $121 million.
But soon he was claiming he didn't want to be "31 years old with bad knees and no titles."
But he won't change that status with Miami. The Heat can't win with just seven players -- four under contract and three draft picks.

He never told anyone, let alone Gilbert, what his plans were, and Gilbert couldn't plan for free agency.
Now, the Cavaliers are behind the 8-ball. They couldn't do anything until LeBron made up his mind.
Now the good free agents are gone, and the Cavs are left to scrape up what, if anything, is left.

In one fell swoop, he decimated the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Had LeBron left the Knicks or the Celtics or the Lakers, you'd hear nothing
but angry words about James. But he left Cleveland. The Mistake by the Lake. The big joke.

Well, we're tired of being laughed at. We're sick of the haves fucking over the have nots.
James didn't cause this, his betrayal of Cleveland just tipped the scales.

You know you're a friend to me, Bart. Your blog is one of the best out there.
But you have to understand just how brutal this decision was to his loyal Cleveland fan base.
He's effectively thrown away his Ohio ties, and thrown all his fans under the bus.

He doesn't want us, and we don't want him.

Eric in OH

PS  Something else to send your way. The reference is, of course, to an affair between LeBron's mom, Gloria
(or "Queen Gloria" as she was called in Cleveland) and Cavs guard Delonte West.   Link



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