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Subject: Well...not so fast, Mr Bartcop  

I could not care less where Lebron plays ball next year, because it won't be for the Kings. 
And obviously, as a free agent, he had the right to go where he wanted.  BUT...I was more-or-less
with Gilbert until he hit the "cowardly betrayal" chord.  Then, reading on, the rhetoric going further
and further over the top, it became pretty obvious to me that this letter was a tongue-in-cheek homage
to angry Cav fans. 

The dead give away was "this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called “curse”..."

C'mon, Bart, the guy's either completely unhinged, or he just stuck an elbow in your ribs and said: "Get it?"

BTW, What James did was fine.  The way he did it was beyond shabby.  No way Miami would have cleared
the cap to re-sign Wade, and sign both Bosh and Lebron if they hadn't known it would happen like TWO YEARS AGO! 

And the Cavs were given to think (by Bosh's agent) that they had a sign-and-trade for Bosh until the day before
James announced.  James had NO intention of re-signing with Cleveland, but he left them thinking he might until
the other free agents the Cavs might want were already signed, then he dropped the hammer on an ESPN special
that he requested...and this from a guy who framed his image (you can read that as money, money, and more money)
as 'just a guy from Akron.'  So I get Gilbert being a little raw, and unless you read the letter like a Southern Baptist
reads the Bible, it's worth a chuckle.
Keep up the (otherwise) good work
James (sadly, NOT 'The King')

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