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Five More Reasons Sarah Palin Won't Run for President
 She wants more money, and she wants to run away from responsibility
  by Ted Heffernan


Andrew Sullivan remains utterly convinced that Sarah Palin will be the 2012 Republican presidential candidate. 
I'm equally convinced that she won't even run. To me, it comes down to the practical, nuts-and-bolts reality of being a 
presidential candidate. There is what Palin wants, and then there is the pinball machine of the modern American campaign. . . .

I agree - no way she'll run.

Palin is incredibly unpopular with the general public, refuses to appear before anyone but her fans (Facebook or otherwise), 
walls herself off from all but the most supportive media outlets, and isn't even the preferred candidate of the Tea Party that 
forms her presumptive base. This alone makes it hard to see her as a viable candidate. But she's also a fragile narcissist, 
one who time and again has responded to challenges with the maturity of a toddler. (See: governorship, quitting of.) 
Can you really see this woman putting herself at risk of another public bruising?,

Even if the media holds back on Palin -- again, it won't, and 2008's basic question of whether she's a blathering idiot 
will be the least of what she faces in 2012 -- her adversaries will not. She will, for the first time on a national stage, 
have her qualities and her morals and her past questioned and attacked and investigated not by the other party or 
the 'liberal media,' but by her own.

Yeah, that's her worst problem - the GOP promaries.
Unlike the sissified Democrats, the GOP plays hardball in their primaries.

Even if Palin gets Karl Rove or his henchmen, she's just too easy a target for the others.
A braindead, tantrum-throwing simpleton who's proud of her ignorance so she flies "by her gut?"

Didn't we just come off a disaster like that?

"Fuck Saddam, we're taking him out!"

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