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Why does Charlie get sympathy
while Lindsay is scorned by the industry?


Looks like that briefcase full of cocaine "hernia" won't prevent Charlie Sheen
from returning to work on Two and a Half Men next week. So, why is he getting
his 400th media pass while Lindsay Lohan's ruined her career forever?

What evidence is there that Charlie recently OD'd on cocaine?
I know it's fun to make shit up, but you should at least have a sliver of evidence.

In recent years no stars (with the possible exception of the oddly lovable
Celebrity Rehab cast members) have had their problems with addiction more
publicized than Charlie and Lindsay. However, the way these stars are treated by
the media and the public is vastly different, mainly due to the double standard
for female celebrities.

I realize this is a "Hollywood" story, but can't we pretend facts are facts?
Who says there's a drug-booze double standard against women in Hollywood?

Lindsay has recently completed court-ordered rehab and seems to be staying sober,
but she's still invariable referred to as "the troubled starlet" in tabloid reports. Most
articles imply that it's only a matter of time before she's spotted with a bottle in her
hand or caught passed out in someone's car again.

So, how is their wild-ass speculation any different than yours?
You say it's not fair to slander Lindsay, but you're slandering Charlie by the bucketload.
Methinks the double standard is in your brain.

Meanwhile, Charlie's well-known drug problem appears to be growing worse. That
is, unless you believe his rep's ludicrous medical explanations for his behavior, including
the hernia story and the claim that he trashed a room at New York's Plaza Hotel in
October due to "an adverse allergic reaction to some medication."

<>A. There's no evidence that his recent problem is anything BUT a hernia emergency.
I believe it's customary to show the scar when you get out. If Charlie has one,
will you apologize with all the vigor you slandered him with?

B. I have a theory about that New York hotel room.
Hookers are notorious for robbing their customers. (So I've heard :)
Rumor has it his wallet disappeared in the room so, semi-naturally,
he suspected her and got angry so she hid in a bathroom and called police.
I imagine the "destroyed hotel room" was nothing more than couch cushions
pulled out so he could find his missing wallet.

Most stories about Charlie include the euphemism "he loves to party!" And who doesn't?
It's every man's dream to have a boozy orgy in Hefner's Sky Villa in Las Vegas, right?
He's just a lovable bad bad boy, not some entitled starlet who does coke!

I confess - I've become a big fan of Charlie's show in the last 30 days. I always knew
his show was funny, but it was on against something else we watched so I never saw
the show but now they're doing reruns 3-4 times a day and I'm catching up.

Of course I don't endorse his ALLEDGED violence against women, but many single men
who make $2M a week - and have for years - might enjoy having a six-pack of hookers
at Hefner's $25,000 a night suite in Vegas.  Is this just a matter of jealousy?
I suspect one of Charlie's biggest "crimes" is enjoying "less government" in Las Vegas.

And I can't think of one hueueueueuge difference between Charlie and Lindsay:
Nobody in Hollywood will hire Lindsay (she can't be insured) while Charlie is
bringing in maybe $5M a week for CBS in a bad economy.  Also, according to the
producers, Charlie shows up to the set every day, sober and on-time to work.

Another difference:
Charlie parties behind closed doors - that's a lot different that getting super-drunk
in public then getting pulled over for DWI and when searched, they found coke in
Linday's pants - - - and you know what her excuse was?

"These aren't my pants!" 

ha ha

...swear to Koresh, that's what the police report said.

She said she was drunk and naked at this party and some lady she wanted to talk to left,
so Lindsay grabbed the first pair of pants she could find and chased her out the door.

...and this writer finds Charlie's excuses too wild to believe?

Last thought: Isn't it weird how Charlie essentially plays himself on the show?
He's a richer-than-God drinks-too-much womanizer who runs thru 2-3 women a day
and if he comes up short, he hires 3-4 hookers and they all have a great time.

TV Charlie, deep down, has a heart of gold.
Real Charlie, I'd wager, can really turn on the charm when he needs to.

When the last time someone mentioned Lindsay's "charm?"
Last time I saw her, she went before the judge with "Fuck you" written on her nails.

Would Real Charlie ever do something that stupid?

Of course, after this was written, Charlie checked into rehab - again.

If anybody needs some good luck, it's Charlie Sheen.


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