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Why no good 2012 Rethugs? 
  by Nate Silver


Republican insiders are worried about the quality of their slate of presidential candidates for 2012.
The Republican field is a fairly weak one.

The 1992 Democratic field looked very weak — until Clinton turned out to be one of the better
natural politicians of our time. Could we be looking back two years from now and wondering why
we hadn’t seen Tim Pawlenty or John Thune or Mitch Daniels coming?   ha ha   Stop it!

That could happen, but early evidence suggests that this year’s Republican field may in fact blow donkey.

It might seem hard to believe now, but George W. Bush was once extremely popular. In early 1999,
polls had an average of 63 percent of Americans viewing him favorably  He won an election that
wasn’t so easy to win, against the vice president of a popular outgoing president.

<>A. He didn't win in 2000 - Gore f-ing surrendered.
B. Gore ran away from that popular outgoing president, going so far as to pick Clinton's most vocal
    Democratic detractor in the senate (back-stabbing Joe Kissyface) to run with him to remind voters that
    he wanted nothing to do with Clinton, thus costing him the election.  Al, if you only had a brain.
C. Bush was all they had in 2000 because every other Rethugs was hated by the voters for spending
  $100M to find out which of Monica's nipples Bill kissed first.

Another extremely popular Republican was Elizabeth Dole.

The Bag o' Hairspray was never popular.
Why are you misleading your readers?

John McCain, Steve Forbes and Dan Quayle made this, on balance, a strong Republican field.

What planet are you from?
If those three losers are "a strong field" then I'm Nanook from the North.

For the Democrats, Al Gore and Bill Bradley were reasonably popular.

Get real - Bradley was a dribbler who was semi-known in Jersey.

In 2004, Bush won renomination without a contest; he was still very popular at this point in 2003:

...because the Democrats didn't have anyone as smart as Paris Hilton that year.

How did Bush beat this surrender monkey?

   I believe this was Bob Shrum's idea.

I said it then, I'll say it again. 
Had I been on Kerry's team, I would've physically tackled him
to prevent him from being photographed in the stupidest costume in history.

How can Democrats be so f-ing stupid?

   I believe this was Susan Estrich's idea.

If only there was someone in our party with an IQ of 64 - we'd never lose!

The 2008 Republican field, although not remembered all that fondly, started out
with two fairly popular candidates in John McCain and Rudy (R-911) Giuliani.

McCain was super-terrible and he only won the nomination because the others were worse.

Fred Thompson had pretty good numbers among those who knew him...

ha ha
You're funnier than Letterman!
Tennessee Tuxedo never had a f-ing chance.
He was too lazy to campaign, for Christ's sake.

Trust me - the GOP field for 2012 is pure shit.

As long as Obama keeps giving billions to the super-rich
while slashing aid to the poorest Americans - he can't lose.


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