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Why we Hate Fags
 by Teabagger supporters


A University of Washington poll finds that a majority of "true" Tea Party supporters say it's not the 
responsibility of government to guarantee equal rights to African Americans and other minorities.

74% of Teabaggers agree with the following statement: "While equal opportunity for blacks and 
minorities to succeed is important, it's not really the government's job to guarantee it."

Fifty-two percent of respondents also said that "compared to the size of their group, 
lesbians and gays have too much political power."

The latest data on the Tea Party reveals that the anger coming from the movement isn't 
unilaterally directed at government spending -- one of the group's core issues.

Wouldn't it then follow that Blacks, Mexicans and Jews have too much political power?
Same for the poor, midgets and those who are left-handed.

Once again we see that racism is the glue that holds the Teabaggers together.
That's why we never heard of Teabaggers until The Kenyan took power.
White Power must be maintained so they can "take their country back." 

It's the opposite of what America stands  for.
Does Lady Liberty say, "Give me your white, your rich and your Western Europeans?"

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