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Subject:  Wild Bill McCollum - gay as a three dollar bill

You remember this anti-Clinton former congressman now FLA's attorney general?

Well, our home boy hired this junk science expert Dr. George Rekers to help fight gay adoption. (see above link)  
Doc Rekers previously had his "scientific expertise" rejected by the courts and now has been caught traveling with 
a gay hooker who advertised his services on a porn site called

Doc Renkers reportedly hired travel expert "Lucien" to help lift the doc's luggage. Ha Ha. 
Doc taking pains to state that "lifting luggage" was not a euphemism! Neither of course is "having a wide stance."

You recall the "two dude" defense, the "it was two black guys" defense? Now we have the "lame defense." 
Wild Bill McCollum tried to blame the "Florida Department of Children and Families  for hiring Doc Rekers!
This is hilarious if it weren't so sad. The DCF produced a McCollum memo exorting the DCF to pay the 
Doc's fee of $60,000. The Doc went on to charge $300 an hour effectively doubling the fee. 
Another fiscal neo-con giving to Fla taxpayers up the ass again.

Charges were then leveled against Wild Bill he just wanted to rip apart a happy gay adoption family. 
Our Dollar Bill said he "didn't really want to" but was just "doing his job" mang. When asked by Orlando Sentinel 
writer Mike Thomas if he, Wild Bill personally supported the ban on gay adoption, McCollum batted his eyes 
and stated "he had a gay staffer who had adopted children in another state."
"Let's leave it at that," stated the heavy hearted hypocrite.

Wild Bill's resume includes these highlights: Promised to fight as hard as he could to keep the gay horde 
from adopting children in the FLA, tried to ban gay adoption while in congress, and opposed the MLK jr holiday.

Our Bill, queer as a three dollar bill.

"And down the stretch he comes!"

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