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Subject: Will history repeat itself?  by Rochester Jim

lStrange Parallels

The rise to power of the Third Reich was the result of several factors; WWI reparations, unemployment, 
Inflation, and the general frustration of the common German.

One of the tools used was the constant feeding of this dissatisfaction/frustration by the National Socialist Party (Nazi) 
through mass communication. In fact the government produced a low cost, subsidized radio just for the purpose of 
propaganda broadcasts. (they also allowed a limited broadcast of carefully screened music

Radio was the latest in modern communications in the 1920s and 30s, and soon most German households had one.

Now imagine someone listening all day to this new “entertainment” device, and hearing nothing but support for nationalism, 
the words of a would be leader on the need to rise up, and sympathy for the plight of the people. He soon joins the National
Socialist Party to implement what he is told will be change for the better.

Rallies are held to show dissatisfaction with the current government, and support for a new one.

Someone burns down a major building and a minority group is blamed. This group becomes the scapegoat for all the troubles 
of the country. One group promises a better life. (The national Socialists) This group attains power through deception and bullying .

The result was Adolf Hitler.

Fast forward 80 years; American talk radio is filled with “Conservative” broadcasters, who when called on their political stance 
call themselves “entertainers”. These “entertainers” spew lies, half truths, and revised history. The new media (TV) has a whole 
channel devoted to this policy. Those who might disagree are called “Liberals” (which to the “enlightened” is a derisive term.) 
Sitting politicians are also ridiculed, and sometimes spat upon and sent death threats. Minorities are targeted, and demands are 
made that they prove their citizenship and loyalty. The validity of the current president is challenged.

Major buildings are destroyed, and this is blamed on a minority group. This serves as an excuse for the invasion of a 
non-involved country, who just happens to have resources we covet. Suspected government involvement in the tragedy is ridiculed.

Rallies are held to demonstrate dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in the government. The conservative broadcasters become
visiting heroes when they show to support these assembly s. A defeated, drop-out politician becomes the default spokesperson 
for the group. Despite lack of qualification, and little informed with facts, she becomes the face of the movement. She recites 
lines prepared by her handlers to wild applause.

Will history repeat itself? 

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