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Women and reproduction

When English-speaking European men settled North Americain the early 17th century, they had wives,
children and slaves.  Both wives and slaves were considered to be childlike and incapable of making
their own decisions.  They were the property of their husbands/fathers/masters. 

Here we are almost 400 years later and men are still trying to own women.  They can’t own us outright
as they did in the past, but they want to control us via our reproductive system in every possible way. 
We are experiencing all kinds of threats to women via legislative moves for “personhood” and efforts
to shut down female-oriented groups such as Planned Parenthood.  The same people who don’t want
children to have accurate sex education in school and are for fetal “life” refuse to make the connection
between family planning and a reduced need for abortions in the United States. 

Ironically, the same groups that are for the right to life of a fetus have no hesitation in supporting the
state-sanctioned killing of grown men and woman via capital punishment.  The right-to-lifers also
do not support aid to women with small children, such as food stamps and AFDC.  So they want to
force a woman to have a baby she can’t afford and then not help her support that baby once it’s born. 
The illogic of all this makes my head explode. 

Chris Matthews recently asked why southerners were celebrating the 150th anniversary of Secession. 
What he doesn’t understand is the average Tea Party person wants to go back to about 1950 when
white people reigned supreme and blacks knew their place.  The Secessionists want to go back to
around 1850 when slaves knew their place and women couldn’t vote.  Some of current legislative
actions seem to place themselves around 1650 with fake Puritan ideals. 

At the rate we’re going, can witch hunts be far behind?!
  Dallas Dunlavy


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