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Wrong about Blanche Lincoln
  by Gene Lyons


Now that the dust and feathers have settled, hereís my view: If anybody's acting like Republicans, itís progressives 
determined to purge ideologically impure Democrats from Southern and Midwestern farm states whose views largely 
reflect their constituents' extremely mixed feelings about the partyís agenda. A more self-defeating strategy would be 
hard to imagine. Nobody's questioning anybody's rights, only their political judgment.

Why did the White House back Blanche Lincoln? Probably because while she opposed the "public option" in 
President Obamaís healthcare bill, when push came to shove, she gave him a politically courageous 60th Senate vote 
putting the bill over the top. Courageous because "Obamacare" remains widely misunderstood and wildly unpopular 
in a state where the president earned 39 percent of the vote in 2008.

"Obamacare" remains widely misunderstood because Democrats can't explain shit.
Hell, that bill is almost 3,000 pages - has anyone even read it?

With that vote, Lincoln put her career on the line. 
Obama would have been an ingrate had he not supported her during the primary. 
Thatís probably also why Blanche's winning margin came almost entirely from Arkansasí 
most reliably liberal precincts in Little Rock and Fayetteville. 

Women in particular appeared to think that they owed her too. 
Many Halter votes came from rural Democrats apt to lean Republican in November.

Simply and very broadly put, the race was viewed very differently inside than outside Arkansas. 
Pragmatism had a lot to do with it. For all the cultural conservatism of its largely rural and small town populace, 
the state hasnít yet adopted Southern-style Republicanism. At present, Arkansas' governor, both U.S. senators, 
and three of four congressmen are Democrats. Many would prefer keeping it that way.

I'm going to trust Gene on this because I don't have time to investigate.

Gene's great at explaining things.  If he had written the HC bill, I'll bet it would've been 
just 300 pages long and every Democrat would be able to explain it.

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