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Subject: You got what you wanted. New Iran Sanctions.


There you go Bart, the fourth round of sanctions since 2006. 
(Apparently only Turkey and Brazil can decipher that trend.)

I have no idea what that means.

What do you think, invasion right after the mid-term elections?
Or do we go for our own national record for mass-murder-by-sanctions of 1 million (Iraq 1991-2003)?
 John P

John, I don't recall endorsing sanctions against Iran.

I endorsed a naval blockade that would cripple
their economy and bring them to their f-ing knees.

Obama is seen as a pussy by the warlords we live with on Planet Earth.
That's a very dangerous position Obama has put America in.

He says "I'm the President," but everyone knows he's a pushover.
The Boner and The Bitch have their way with him waaaaaaaaaay too often for my tastes.

This was America's FOURTH time at saying, "If you don't stop, we might increase our sanctions"
which makes Ahmahandjob giggle like a teenager drinking Cuervo..

That's why dictators laugh at Obama - he's too reasonable. He's too calm.
He wants to give insane mass murderers every chance to do the right thing.
He apparently thinks everyone means well and he just needs to reach out to them.

Every day the schoolyard bully kicks Obama's ass and takes his lunch money.
Obama's response?  "I'll give you another chance tomorrow to behave better,"
but the next day Obama gets his ass kicked by the bully again.

How naive can he be?

Butt ...the bigger point is - what is YOUR solution?

When a crazy man puts a gun to a liberal's head, the liberal often says, 
"Guns are bad" and then he thinks he's solved his confrontation.

Doing nothing is NOT an option - do you get that?

I'm trying to prevent a nuclear war.
Your do-nothing option is very risky when millions of lives hang in the balance.

In your mind, "Crazy + nuclear" isn't a problem?

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