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Subject: You will be vilified for not supporting Israel in it's oppression of Palestinian natives


You missed an opportunity on the hand over land to Native Americans crock. Clip below:

Native Americans. Indians to the non-politically correct, get to vote, and travel and move wherever they want to. 
They can live in a neighborhood next to you, and probably do. The US treated Indians in a barbaric and genocidal
manner from 1492 until the 20th century. And guess what? Now they are proud Americans when they live among us, 
and have the option to live on a reservation too. They serve in the armed services with distinction, hold government jobs.
They are indistinguishable from other Americans unless they want to live on a reservation. They aren't complaining and 
agitating for change except through the normal political process.

Contrast that with what is going on in Israel. Palestinian natives have no rights. 
Whenever Israel wants more of their land, the Palestinian natives are booted off. 
They cannot vote, they cannot hold office, they cannot travel, they cannot join the armed services, etc.

Israel claims to be a democracy, but it isn't. It is a democracy for those who agree that 
Palestinian natives are entitled to less than the full human rights Israeli citizens are.

If we have to cut the US budget, perhaps we can cut the amount of money 
we give to Israel to oppress Palestinian natives.
  E.L. Deflagrante

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