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Why is abortion such an issue?

Of all the upside down, weird things in this world my tired old eyes have
seen, the current sidetracking of the health care debate into an abortion
referendum has to take the cake. 

First of all, why is the Catholic Church even allowed to take a seat in this
matter? Where in the constitution of the United States of America does it
say that religious powers get a say in legislation? It doesn't, it says exactly 
the opposite, Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion. 

Second, why does the Catholic Church fail to see how many abortions
affordable health care would prevent? Don't they know that the inability to
afford even a hospital birth, let alone expenses if anything is wrong, is a
major factor in couple's decisions to abort? As it is in hospitals to
provide treatment to defective newborns? 

Third, how do Republicans, of all people, get to take the moral high ground
here? Do you know how many thousands of Iraqi's and Americans are dead
because of Republican crimes, lies, and malfeasance? I don't know which
bible the Catholics use, but mine says greed is the worst vice of all, and
Republicans have it in spades. Do you ever hear the Pope or any Catholic on
that? Well? Humm, no, because in Rome they have the greedy Pope living in
vestments of gold, while members of his flock all over the world rot in the dirt.

Now I am going to settle the abortion debate v. the Catholic religion once
and for all in the mind of everyone who reads this, and please forward to
those still struggling with it.

In the beginning of this year (2009), a nine-year-old who was pregnant with
twins by her grandfather, underwent an abortion to save her life. This happened 
in Brazil, where, thanks to the influence of Roman Catholicism, abortion is illegal
-- except in the case where the mother's life is in danger, as this clearly was. 
So when her mother and the doctor appealed to the medical board for approval, 
they received it, and the abortion took place. Whereupon the Pope excommunicated 
the girl, the mother, and the doctor. But not the grandfather.

If you are a good Catholic, you should agree with the pope. If you are not
currently Catholic, but agree with the pope, you should immediately convert,
for you are a good Catholic. To all good Catholics: you are moral vermin,
and don't you dare call yourself pro-life. You even want to deny living,
breathing babies medical treatment to prove the point. You'll have communion
with child molesters, but not with people who saved the life of their
victims. If you think this is at all Christian, please read Matthew 23.

If you do not agree with the pope, and are a Catholic, please leave your
religion right now and stop supporting this asshole. If you do not agree with 
the pope, and are not a Catholic, welcome to the pro-choice side of the abortion 
debate. This isn't about being pro-life, it's a fight against the tyranny of Catholic 
dogma, and for the constitutional guarantees of freedom of conscience. 

There was a time when we had the Pope dictate the laws of the land, and it
was called the Dark Ages for that reason. Do you want the Pope to tell you
what's wrong and what's right, what should be legal and what not? Then make
that point every time the subject comes up: this isn't about abortion at all, 
it's about the Pope wanting to tell Americans what to do, hiding his agenda 
behind pictures of the dead unborn.


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