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Subject: Con

I have a real problem with candidates who are abusing God for political purposes. I am an Atheist 
but even as an Atheist I can see that if I were a believer, using God for political advantage is disrespectful 
of the deity they claim to believe in. I would think if I were running for office and believed in God 
I would be a lot more respectful. I sure wouldn't be using his name to try to sucker people.

John McCain, for example is claiming that he prays every night the United States doesn't go to war 
with Iran while looking for a way to start a war every chance he gets. Barak Obama is now playing 
the God card hoping to find religious Democrats who will buy his story. Mike Huckabee told the 
National Rifle Association that he believed that there will be duck hunting in Heaven.

Many Christians might be gullible enough  to believe every politician who whips out a Bible and starts 
proclaiming a personal relationship with whatever deity they are posing with that day. I'm a Atheist, 
you have to show me. I know that the believing world doesn't want to hear this but I can spot other 
Atheist by they way they behave. In of all the presidential candidate there are no believers. At best 
some of them are Agnostic. Some of them might even be in religious denial. But most of them are just lying to you.

When I hear a politician lie to me in the same sentence that he uses God that doesn't tell me that 
Christians are dishonest. It tells me that this politician isn't a Christian. It tells me that they are willing 
to use God's name to deceive people. If you do that then how can you say that you believe in God?

So when I see people who I can spot as an Atheist lie to me using God's name in the same sentence 
just to sucker me into voting for them or giving them money, as an Atheist I find that religiously offensive. 
I think even fictional deities deserve more respect than that. As a Realist I'm looking for someone who 
is going to tell the truth no matter what religion they are. 

I'm not offended by the deity, I'm offended by the lie. Don't lie to me.

Marc Perkel

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