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Aerosmith in Tulsa

They were in town Thursday night so we went.  Smart move, eh?
Last time we saw them was over 30 years ago - they played Tulsa in 1978, I think.
This time they played at the new BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) Center

I was very impressed with Steven Tyler - who is 61 now - can you believe that?
He's America's Mick Jagger (compliment) and he never stopped moving and dancing.

Tulsa World Review
        Aerosmith rocks Tulsa 7-30-09

Joe Perry was another story.  How does he expect to be taken seriously
when he whips out a double-neck guitar and does a theramin solo?

Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame by Tyler so I know they're fans
but wouldn't it be classier to be a little less obvious about copying Page's stage act?

I'm guessing Joe's value to the band is more as a songwriter than guitar player.
Perry might be America's Keef Richards (not a compliment).

Tyler said, "I love Tulsa - it's my second home."

I thought he was insulting our intelligence until I remembered that he got married at 
the Doubletree hotel in Tulsa years ago so maybe he still has family here - who knows?

Wikipedia knows of no such marriage - I wonder why?

From Wikipedia:
Tyler was recently named 99th on Rolling Stone's 100 greatest singers.

That's pretty damn stoopid, unless they consider Ella Fitzgerald a better singer.
Maybe, but Steven Tyler is a Top Five rock n roll front man - who could disagree?

Tyler uses a teleprompter - in case he forgets the words?
The only other teleprompter user I know of was Sinatra - in his eighties.

They stood in line by the thousands to buy $40 t-shirts

 This was the first t-shirt mob I saw.

 This was the second t-shirt mob I saw.
 Thousands of people lining up to spend what - $100 each?
 Looks like there's no recession in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
 Aerosmith could've played for free and just taken home the swag loot.
 The venue is round and we only saw about half of it.
 There could have been TWO MORE stations selling  $40 shirts to thousands more fans.

They played Dream On third - a sure sign they dion't like their biggest song.
When it came time to hit the high notes, Tyler fizzled out.
I guess they turned his mic down or maybe he just sang too quiet to be heard.

Danny might've won the last Americal Idol had he not attempted to sing Dream On.

ZZ Top opened the show with an energetic set that the crowd enjoyed.
Billy said, "It's blues time in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Everybody talks these days about 'Going green,'
(Which was booed by the knuckledraggers) but we've been going green for over thirty years and
they've been trying to arrest us for it!  Now it's time to go blue," and he did.

I first saw Billy live in 1973, I think.
I like the way he plays guitar, but he's no Jimmy Page - and neither is Joe Perry.

Last night we saw Starship with Mickey Thomas open Tulsa's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

We were guests of the band - got free rooms and free food and free liquor - can't beat that.
Last night every other sentence out of my mouth was "Absolute on the rocks, please."
It was real food, too - I should've taken pictures.

They had ribs, chicken, meatballs, sausages, tons of cheese and veggies, etc.

Oh, and Mickey is 60 and HE hit every note.

Starship has a live DVD coming out - can't wait for that.

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