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Subject: A Plan C for Afghanistan

Bart, love your site, but sometimes everyone seems to be mislead like kittens chasing a furry piece of string.
Afghanistan is the only reason we should be there.  To bad that BUSHCO had a different agenda. Oil profits always trumps getting justice.

Things aren't the same as they were in 2001.
We've been in Afghanistan for eight years and what have we accomplished?.
What's the goal - a treay signing on the USS Missouri?
That's not going to happen.

Now we get to plan C.
Obama has to commit as many troops necessary to clean up the crappy diapers left.
It will be smelly, I might cost him his job, but It is what we should have been doing 9 years ago.

Are we going to search every cave in those mountains?
What is to be won by staying and losing more lives?

Also, he needs to grow some nads and kick Reid and Pelosi to get his agenda past.

I agree with that, but we can't even get Obama to grow some nads for Kissyface.

I always loved your comments and graphics about the spineless Dems.
Kinda wish there was a Bartcop political party, one that takes names and kicks butt.
Keep hammering

I'm very much against this "surge" for Afghanistan.
I'm very much against this "swear to God surge" that will follow it 6 months later.
It's called "escalating" for a reason.

But I'm also not looking forward to another Democratic civil war.

Please, Barack, play the peace card.

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