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I got an e-mail from Al in the Phillipines, so I asked him what he was doing there.

 Subject: The Phillipines

Hi Bart, Thanks for asking. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I came here on vacation last May with a couple from Oregon who own property in the Philippines.
They asked if I'd like to come with them as they check on their places and visit relatives. Recently
divorced and love warm weather I booked a flight that evening. I was shocked that a round trip flight
was only $862, and just got my tax return. No brainer.

We visited 7 of 7170 islands in PH.  I met and fell in love with a beautiful Filipina woman and promised
I'd be back for her birthday , October 16. While I was back in Oregon I cleaned out my house and prepped
it to rent, locked up my shit and arraigned to have my daughter take care of my dogs and cats.

The people here have been so nice , friendly,funny. Most speak some english some speak really good english. 
Everyone should visit here once. Culture shock smacks you right in the face. The haves and the have-nots .
The children. The Catholic church. The food. The beaches.

The best roads are toll roads and owned by the oil company. I got a ticket driving and paid off the officer $25.
A doctor visit w/medicine was $40. A teeth cleaning and a filling was $16. I heard a cat-scan is $300. 
And the craziest thing I've seen was a sign at the medical office that said " Contraception is Corruption"

Please keep hammering, love your site,  it's the first thing I do after checking my e-mail........

PS: that's my cat Phatt Bastard, and my dog Chopper....   
and the best Tequila is " Tres Cabellos" only seen it in Mexico,


Al, thanks for that.

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