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Your life

Bart, I really think I may have fallen in hate with you.

It's nice to meet you, too.

You so clearly have enough sense to manipulate all these people for your own profit....

My readers aren't stupid and the last thing I can do is manipulate them.
I've said it a hundred times *I* can't convince Democrats that the sun is hot.

And if I'm doing this for profit, I'm clearly failing.

You can't be COMPLETELY stupid.
Why. WHY? WHY? [Was it Dad? Was dad a SOB??? Was it the lady who pinched you in church that day???]...

Do you get that you're not making sense?

My parents were the best, NOBODY had a better childhood than me
and I wouldn't trade my life for Paul McCartney's or Bono's or Clooney's

Well, maybe for just a weekend of being Clooney...

Don't you know that a civilization without a common vision will rely on its thugs-EVERYTIME???

What a crazy thing to say. Did you get that from Hannity or the Pigboy?
I'm guessing you're a religious nut and you think I should be stuck in the same trap as you.

No thanks - I'll go with science and logic over your invisible ghosts any day of the week.
If we need a "common vision," how about the U.S. Constitution?

Why would you, so stridently, work against your own culture/heritage/community???

Why would you, a Monkey, spend so much time writing a long-ass letter that never makes a clear point?
I can defend myself against any charge you make <>but you'll have to make it clearly before I can answer.

You remind me- and I'm sure its a compliment to you- of Larry Flint.
Another great champion of true trash and personal profit- all in the name of pseudo-libertarianism,
aimed at illiterate malcontents. What a sad putz you are sir.

Did your God teach you to attack strangers who are happy?
Does your God preach, "When in doubt, be a giant dick?"

Speaking of profit - obviously you're voting for the vulture capitalist who's sent millions
of American jobs overseas and got damn rich doing it - is that what your God spoke to you about?

Your God does speak to you, right?
What's the point of be8ing crazy if you can't have direct acess to God?
I really think-should I ever visit your site again- that you are my new, and only, hate object...

I realize you NEED a "hate object" to satisfy your lustful God,
but why did your God say it was important to hate me?

Think how sick that makes your God.

Besides, you couldn't stay away if you tried.
Once you've read a few days here, you're hooked - admit it.

Have a nice day!  I don't have to wish anything bad on you- that would be a nasty thing to do.
I am quite confident that you already have quite a few physical and mental ailments...
Sad, gives me no pleasure or relief.

ha ha

But you could get better if you turned your life around. TRY IT!]...


Al, you give Monkeys a bad name.

What am I supposed to turn away from - common sense?

Your diseased mind has fabricated an invisible ghost who barks hate-filled orders at you.
Your imagination has conjured up a reality that doesn't exist.

I feel sorry for you.
I can't help you - I doubt anybody can.

If I were insane, I'd pray for you.

I know the world you live in and I'm trying to escape from it every day.


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