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all I can do is laugh  


I think I finally had a mental breakdown.  Yes, I'm becoming
hysterical with laughter.  As I surveyed Huffington Post this morning
it began to dawn on my aged brain that life is indeed absurd.  When I
was a "kid", forty years ago, I read Kafka's Metamorphosis.  That's
the one where a depressed individual wakes up to discover that he has
been transformed into an enormous bug.  I don't think I understood it
until now.  All I can do is laugh!  Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman,
Please!  It's not just funny.  It's monstrously hillarious!  Please!
I'm losing my marbles.

Or, perhaps it's finally become so totally absurd that all one can
actually do is break out in howls of laughter!  Maybe what we need is
to get these bastards all in one place and just laugh our heads off at
them.  Dog their every step and giggle at them wherever they go.
Raise the humor level to high that they run for cover and are
embarrassed to exist!  Goad and twist their every attempt to lie and
obstruct.  Make them wish they had never been born.  I have no
sympathy for them.  Whatever I do to them is fair dinkum.

One of the key factors that differentiates authoritarians from
liberals is a sense of humor.  I as a liberal have no problem with
people laughing their heads off at me, but such laughter is feared by
authoritarians.  Thus humor becomes a weapon.

One day in Amsterdam some young thing tried to convince me that Jesus
was going to save me.  She just got in my face with it, so I decided
it was time to give her the "treatment."  First, I debunked every
argument she made for the existence of god.  Then I just laughed at
everything she said and made every joke I could think of.  She broke
down in tears and ran away.  People don't like to be laughed at!  It
is the last thing anyone wants, and it is a great tool to bring down
the mighty, as I suspect you already know.  It is cruel.  I am not a
cruel person, but under circumstances like these, it is cruel to be

Laughter is the best medicine.  And it's a crying shame that we have
been reduced to having to see these morons in public.  But at least we
can laugh at 'em.

We can only hope to see a revival of George W. Bush as his book is
released just before the November elections.  We can only hope to
actually experience the exhilirating hillarity of Sarah Palin as
presnit of the United States!  Come on.  Live a little!  Caribou
Barbie would be the final nail in the coffin, and when she resigns
right in the middle of her first term, and Rand Paul assumes her post,
and Michelle Bachman becomes Speaker of the House we will witness the
complete degeneration of our once-great nation into a clown act.
Enjoy the show!  After that, if the Amurican Sheeple still want
conservatives in office it will be deserved, if it isn't already.

As for me, I choose to follow the sage advice of our government during
the days of the Cold War: DUCK AND COVER!  Yep, get under the radar
Bart.  There's nothing you can do with the radar tracking your every

I hope you and yours are well.  I am more convinced than ever that things
will work out for the best, once the Amurican Sheeple finally realize how
screwed they really are.  In fact, we're so screwed it's actually funny!


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