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Bart's Amazing Race Update 

How stupid can people be?

They get written instructions and then they don't follow them.
Sunday night, Jeff and Jordan kept trying to give their prize to the wrong guy.

I'm notorious for not reading the instructions, but Mrs Bart excels at it so we'd make a good team.
Finally, Jeff re-read his notes and it clearly told them to reach the proper dude at the train station.

The other things is - why can't people use their heads?
In one challenge, they had to lasso the horns of a fake bull.

I'm no roping expert (even tho I'm from Oklahoma like the two cowboys) but even I am
smart enough to know the trick is to get AS WIDE A LASSO AS POSSIBLE.

Duh, it takes an IQ of 64 to figure out your odds are better with a giant loop?
Seems like that would be uber-obvious but nobody seemed to get that.

Then they had the challenge where you sat on a heavy wooden horse and used a polo mallet to knock 
a ball into a goal about 100 yards away and you had to do it in 9 strokes or less ...or start over.

Obviously there's a way to game the rules but nobody thought of it?

Here's what you do:  
You put your best thwacker on the horse at the starting line and if that person doesn't get off 
a GREAT first shot, the other person gives it a try.  (They had to rotate strokes)

It's so easy and obvious but nobody ever considered that?

These nut cases were hitting the first shot about four feet, then they'd spend the time 
to get off and lift that heavy wooden horse and carry it four feet and climb back on
and then hit a second four foot drive and they got nowhere really damn fast that way. .

When they get to nine strokes (getting about 20% of the way there) they'd carry that 
damn heavy wooden horse alllllll the way back to the starting line again - morans!

Last thing - I hate when the show put contestants on planes and boats.
One team has a half-hour lead and they're told to take the next flight to China.

The problem is - the plane doesn't leave for 8 hours, so by then ALL the teams are there
so any lead the first team had evaporates and that's a dumb way to run a race.

How to make the show better?
Make Apple a sponsor and give each team an iPhone.

They can search for stuff, use maps, make plane reservations, call ahead to confirm etc.
Why not make the race a modern race?

I'm not saying Mrs Bart and I would be good on The Amazing Race because they always 
make you eat some local cuisine like cow eyeball tacos and I don't need a million dollars that bad.

Seems to me that Survivor is a much better show but The Amazing Race
wins the "Best Reality Show" Emmy each year - I don't get it.

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