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Subject: choke them off?

Bart, you wrote:

> We own Afghanistan and Iraq and the Persian Gulf, so why not choke them?"

Spoken like a true imperialist in the vein of the Torture Monkey. 

A nuclear Iran is a real threat.
I think she should stop them from achieving that goal.

You have either lost your mind or have sold out to the DNC, foundation money mania. 
I opt for the latter.

Because we disagree, I'm a sell-out whore?
I can disagree with you without calling you a whore, why can't you do the same?

Then you wrote:

> The alternative is allowing them to nuke Israel and that wouldn't be fun. 

Israel is sitting on shit pot of nukes in complete violation of International law, and you are talking about 
starving the women and children of a Nation that hasn't attacked anyone preemptively in hundreds of years?

You need to calm down and look around and tell me what you see.
You're on a planet with one yellow sun, right?.

Bart, thy name is whore, and I am removing you off my favorites list. 

I can't stop you from doing that, but could you at least articulate the reason?
Or are you one of those people who gets really angry but can't say why?

It is a shame to see a fellow pot smoking Zephead whore himself out, and advocate murder.

One of us is completely crazy and I'm betting it's you.
You haven't been clear so I have to guess what the hell you're angry about.

Are you under the impression that we can wish this problem away?
Are you under the impression that we can trust Ahmahandjob to use restraint?

You're clearly a man driven insane by the never-ending Middle East conflict, whereas I am not.
You're lousy at making a point - are you saying Ahmahandjob should get nukes because Israel has some?

Do you realize that only the religiously-insane want a nuclear war in the Gulf?
Are you under the impression that we can go back in time and fix this problem some other way?

We're arguing about two different things.
You're trying to make the case (to somebody) that peace is better than war.
Guess what, Andy, that's not what we're fighting about.

Iran's nukes are coming online and you want to argue about the way things ought to be.
If I see the danger of nuclear war and you don't, which of us is crazy?

Iran's nukes are coming online
Please point out which of your sentences addresses that problem?
You think boycotting ME will render Iran's nuclear program inactive?

How does my recognizing the danger that you can't see make me a murderer?
Those millions of hostages that Ahmahandjob is holding - I'M responsible for that?

This is a lot like Waco.
If Vern sets fire to his own compound, how is that MY fault?
I risked my life to run for Congress, and was lucky they only raided my house on trumped up charges.
What is your motive, hmmm????

My motive for saying we're about to have a nuclear war if Obama doesn't back up his threat?
If you could somehow get in the same conversation as me, we might be able to make some progress.

I'm truly saddened by this split.

The split between your position and sanity?
What is your answer to these upcoming nukes?

Or do you not mind if Israel disappears? 
Is your hatred of them that great?
Which of us is a murderer now?
If *I* see the danger of nuclear war - which of us is crazy?

You used to be so fucking cool.

More insults - is that all you have?
Don't you have a sliver of "answer" in you?

Bye Bart, you have forever been tainted.

Andy, I plead quilty to speaking the truth and being able to back it up.
You're guilty of religious-insanity - but I realize that's not really your fault.

You won't do it but I'd advise you to move to Earth.
On this planet, we deal with problems instead of moaning about them and attacking our friends..

After a year of diplomacy that didn't pay off, Obama has to do something about Iran.
If you disagree with that - I'd sure like to hear you plead your case.

But calling me names doesn't solve the problem, does it?

So, like I always do, I reached out with a lack of hostility and a hint of humor, saying:

Andy, I'll print that.
Should I use the MM graphic?  :)

Without seeing my replies to his first e-mail,
Andy's reply was this:

Your comments should be under MM.
I ain't the one who is drinking the Kool Aid of Empire expansion.

You think stopping Iran from getting nukes is about "empire expansion?"

I wonder how much Yellow Cake Iran gets from Niger?
Maybe Cheney can get Curve Ball to tell us.

So, "Obama is Cheney?"
I have an idea:
Why don't you quit your job and do a full-time blog that says "Obama is Cheney."

...but if it makes money - let me know :)

And you can forget ten years of crippling sanctions, so you can blame Jeb for the invasion. 

Blame Jeb for invading Iraq?   I would - if I thought I could get away with it.
How do we blame the smarter brother for the moron brother's crimes?

BTW, the fence-sitting judges in our debate just made up their minds.
You're crazy and I'm glad you're not our president.

These cats are operating on a time table, that doesn't have ten years, this will go down under Obama's watch.
If only he had a 911 You can rally around.
 Andy W

"If only" Obama could have another 9-11?

I know you can't see it, because it's that awful religious insanity clouding your mind.
(I can only guess that's true after reading that you're OK with Ahmahandjob getting nukes.).

Bottom Line

I'm not your enemy in this matter.
Nuclear war is coming, I suggest we deal with it before it gets teeth.

Iran's nukes are coming online

That's the crisis you need to deal with - and your refusal to recognize reality 
doesn't make me a "a true imperialist in the vein of the Torture Monkey."

I should've punished you more for that...but it's Christmas.

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