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Subject: it's Clinton's fault 

Bart, Bill's infidelity led to Bush's killing 4000 soldiers, 1,000,000 Iraqi's and
commiting an enormous war crime by invading Iraq.

ha ha
Stop it!
Is it Bill's fault Green Bay lost, too?

If Bill had kept his dick in his pants - no Monica, no Tripp, no impeachment. 

They were always going to impeach him.
They hired Robert Fisk to find some crimes - but he couldn't.
So they fired him and hired Ken Starr, the religiously insane handjob.
He couldn't find any crimes either, so they went with Paula Jones.

Clinton had the most ethical administration in decades but they
decided they were going to impeach him, no matter what.
Henry Hyde said "payback for Nixon" was involved.

Bill campaigns for Gore and Gore is the next president. If Gore wins - no 9/11 
(I won't go into the reasons why now...but believe me, it never happens). 

Clinton couldn't pass wind without being investigated by the feral right wing animals. 

Wait, suddenly you're making sense - what happened?

So, what does the stupidest president in American history do? 
He gives them a real excuse to impeach him. 

Having sex is not a good reason to impeach a president.
Killing 4,000 soldiers to steal Iraq's oil?  That's impeachable.

They tried every day of his presidency to nail him but they had nothing. 
Filegate, Whitewatergate, Travelgate, Flowers, Paula Jones, etc.nothing never stuck. 
So what does the idiot do? He has SEX with that women and the rest is history. 

Actually, he never had sex with her - that's why she called him "the creep."
She wanted to do it and he refused and that pissed her off.

Besides, who's business is it if the president has sex?
Bush had a male prostitute visit constantly but the whore media closed their eyes
because their primary goal is to protect Bush and the Republican bastards.

            " I'll leave my Back Door open for you."

That is his legacy.  George 'the halfwit' Bush. 

Actually, Clinton's legacy is his and Der Monkey's leagacy is Der Monkey's

Two terms of utter insanity and destruction of our country. 
Don't think Hillary and Obama will be the next president. 
The neocons stop at nothing.

As I've said all along, even when she was a 20-30 point favorite,
if Hillary can get past her own party she'll win.

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