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Angry, undereducated Teabaggers
 are being manipulated and used 


Late last week, hundreds of ignorant Tea Party morons were as ecstatic as pigs in a Dumpster full of stale doughnuts. 
Bart Stupak, the Michigan asshole who did all he could to kill health care reform, was stepping down!

"That'll show 'em!" the know-nothings cried. How dare Stupak accept bribes to vote to provide all Americans 
a chance to have health care insurance! Fanatic anti-abortion protesters were happy too.

Never mind that Stupak may be the most anti-abortion Democrat in Congress. Never mind that he only voted for 
health care after President Obama signed an executive order declaring it illegal to use any federal funds for abortion.

No, the Christian nutball universe saw this principled man (ha ha) as having sold out to baby-killers. His courageous act
was denounced by people calling themselves good Roman Catholics - who remained silent about revelations that their pope,
Benny the Perverted Rat, helped cover up and protect child molesters before he became CEO of the church of the pederasts.

The wacky Catholics are in a class by themselves. The Tea Partiers, some of whom packed three buses that careened 
state to state, seemed less interested in abortion. They were fixated on the crackpot idea that Stupak had expanded 
big government by voting to require people buy health care from private insurers, thus giving capitalism many new customers...

Ten years from now, Stupak will still be the man who cast a difficult and honest vote that helped millions 
of Americans get health care for the first time.

The Tea Party Movement will be lucky to be in Trivial Pursuit. 

Can I get a "Fuck you" for the cable whores?
There are THREE GOP-financed busses traveling around screaming "We want our country back."

Three busses is what, 180 people?

We had more than that at our first Fest, but did any cable whores cover us?
No, because we weren't trying to bring down a Democrat.

When Bush was president, there were times when 100K people flooded The Mall in Washington.
What did the whore press do?

They said, "There were thousands of people there, some anti-war, some pro-war."
But when a teabagger pitches a hissy, they cover it live like it's a big news event.

After spending all of 2008 building up Obama,
the whore press will spend his entire term trying to bring him down.

Fuck America's whore press.

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