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Subject: I Don't Hate Hillary, But ...

Hey Bart,

Here's my take on the Hillary issue, for what it's worth.

John Edwards was right to say his vote was a mistake. He was lied to,  just as everyone was being lied to, 
including Hillary. That, however, is only a rationalization. Saying that Hillary voted they way she did because 
New York was attacked is also a rationalization. Most of Hillary's responses to questions from voters have been 
rationalizations, because she has not only not been willing to admit her vote was a mistake, but apparently does 
not want to address the  fact that something was deeply and fundamentally wrong about that vote.

If Hillary were to say, "I was wrong," what would change?
Would the Hillary haters (not you) say, "Well, then, by golly she has my vote?"

No - they'll either change the reason they hate her or they'll say,
"How can we elect someone who's always making stupid mistakes?"

As Senator Byrd pointed out, it was not only the constitutional right of members of Congress
to question Bush's actions, it was their responsibility. 

So why didn't Byrd lead the filibuster?
Why is Byrd squawking now, after the damage has been done?
Was he expecting the freshman senator to lead the charge?

Only Congress under our constitution has the power to declare war, but they let that power slip from their hands. 
Hillary and the other members of Congress who voted for that resolution abandoned their responsibility and in effect 
handed a loaded gun to someone incompetent to wield it. 

A. Nobody thought Bush could screw up this bad.
B. Tony Blair was screaming "Saddam launches 45 minutes," so where's the time to debate?
C. Wasn't 1941 the last time congress declared war?

I do not question the sincerity of  those who voted in favor of that resolution, but on constitutional grounds alone, 
it was a mistake of fatal proportions. 

I remember back at the car lot, years ago, I wrote about Vic the Racist.
I'd come back from lunch and Vic would say, "Your wife is on Line 2."
I'd pick up the phone and it would be dead - and Vic would laugh for 15 minutes.

Was it a "mistake" for me to pick up the phone?
Or was I misled by a dim-witted prankster?

Some people ( not you) act like all we need for Peace on Earth is for Hillary to say she made a mistake, 
but she's so damn stubborn the soldiers continue to die and the war rages on until she comes to her senses.

I fail to see the value in such a phony apology - beyond petty politics.

If she says, "I made a mistake," FOX News will put that video on a loop with an echo and we'll hear, 
 "I made a mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake, mistake," more times
than they ran the video of Bill hugging Monica on that stupid rope line.

Why are some Democrats almost desperate to get that footage for FOX News?
What value is a mea culpa from someone who was mislead?

To put this into perspective, it would have been a mistake no matter who sat in the Oval Office. 
No president should have been given such unlimited powers, not even an FDR, a Truman, or a Bill Clinton. 
The fact that Hillary cannot seem to acknowledge either the mistake or its implications is deeply troubling to me.

So it was a mistake for me to think my wife was on the phone?
She's already said, "If I had to do it over again..." which suggests an error was made,

but what value is it (beyond FOX News cackling) to get her to say those words?

PLUS, if she does apologize, they'll say, "She didn't go far enough!" and they'll say, 
"This troubling confession raises even more questions about her shaky judgment."

Then what?
What does she or the Democratic party or America gain if she does that?

I think we'll have to remain out of agreement on this one.

So who am I going to vote for? I like the way Obama fights back, I  like the way Edwards talks straight 
from the shoulder, and I like the way (mostly) that Hillary does her job. Can we possibly get a candidate 
with the qualities of all three rolled up into one?  Probably not, but at this point I know only that I will watch 
all of  the candidates on the campaign trail, and make my decision most  likely when I enter the voting booth 
on the day of the Pennsylvania primary. 

I definitely will not be voting for any third party or  independent candidate, especially not Ralph Nader. 
Certainly if  Hillary turns out to be the candidate, she's got my vote. I hope if  and when she becomes 
president she will understand and respect the limits of her power, and the constitutional checks on it, 
unlike the current squatter in the White House.

Wait, are you asking her to surrender the powers that Bush stole? 
I'd like to see her abuse those powers for a term or so to teach the bastards a lesson.  

I'd like to see Hillary's administration read every piece of Bush's mail and listen to every phone call 
he and Cheney and Rummy and Rice make in the next six years or so - until the Fascist bastards say, 
"Enough! We were wrong! No more Imperial Unitarian Presidency!"

Keep hammerin'
Ann in Philly 

I will, and thanks for arguing like an adult. 

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