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Subject: From Ann in Philly - Re: Kudos and Brickbats

Hey, Bart,

Your poster Keith (are you sure this isn't Olbermann lurking on your site?) wrote the following:

The Coming Attacks  
 by Ann in Philly  
If everything in the posting is valid, then this raises some very genuine concerns about Obama,  
and I'd like to learn more about all this. Having said that, if I, or any of your other designated  
"Obama fans" had sent you something like that about Hillary, you would have first advised us  
to "put down the hatred for a minute", and then proceeded to explain how none of this matters,  
and that if we didn't hate Hillary so much, we would realize that.   Fair to say?"


No, Keith, this is not fair to say, and here's why. There are two types of sources used by law librarians 
(that's my job description, incidentally) when doing research. Primary sources, which are considered 
prima facie (that's evidence legally sufficient to establish a fact or a case unless disproved, according to 
my dictionary) include mortgage, tax assessor and deed transfer records, such as the records I found 
concerning Senator Obama's mansion; court transcripts; deposition testimony; bank records; telephone 
records; simultaneous notes taken by qualified observers such as police officers or FBI agents; legally 
obtained transcripts of telephone conversations; and so on and so on. Newspaper stories are generally 
considered secondary sources, because they are based on primary sources; for that reason they are generally 
reliable, but not always. Some newspaper and TV journalists have agendas; this leads to cherry-picking 
of facts to fit those agendas and sometimes barely concealed editorializing in so-called "news" stories.

A good example of this kind of reporting is the Wen Ho Lee case, a travesty perpetrated by Jeff Gerth 
of the New York Times against an innocent man. (I could have mentioned the NYT journalistic malpractice 
in the Whitewater case, but Gene Lyons and Joe Conason have covered that far better than I ever could). 
I happen to have a personal connection to the Lee trial: the presiding judge, Judge Parker of the District 
of New Mexico (his decision exonerating Lee and excoriating of the government's misconduct in that case 
is a classic of judicial writing) is the person who presided at my niece's wedding in 1997.

All Bart said was, "Prove Ann wrong." Generally, in a court of law, one set of prima facie evidence can 
only be countered by other prima facie evidence that either disproves or mitigates the facts presented by 
the first set. Please believe me when I tell you that I wish I had not found what I did. But I am a trained 
researcher, and I go where the evidence takes me. This has nothing to do with Obama hate, and everything 
to do with the truth. I really hope, for all our sakes, that the senator comes clean on this matter before the 
Republicans force him to; by then, of course, it will be too late. I take no comfort from his continuing pattern 
of evasions and obfuscations of the facts of his relationship with Rezko; if, for example, you made a timeline 
of the differing versions coming from the senator about how much Rezko actually has contributed to his 
campaigns, from 2006 to date, the results would be embarrassing to say the least.

Since one of Bart's rules is to keep the posts short and to the point, I did not include the actual documentation;
however, if Bart agrees, I would be happy to post my text again, with all sources included. But be warned: it's a lot of pages.

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