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Subject: Here are my sources

Hi, Bart,

Your poster asked for sources for my assertion that Obama supporters would not support 
Senator Clinton if she wins the nomination. What better source could I have than the 
candidate himself? Or as the Bible would have it, "Thine own mouth condemneth thee, 
and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee." Job 15:6 (King James Version). 
Herewith, the following:

1. A piece from The New Republic dated January 22, 2008, titled 
"What happens to Obama supporters if he loses?" 
Here's the link: . The piece contains the link to the original interview on the Christian 
Broadcasting Network. Scroll down and read the comments of the Obama supporters 
while you're at it. I have seen this kind of commentary all over the web.

2. And in case you thought this remark was a one-off, here's Senator Obama again, on February 1, 2008: .

3. Finally, a piece from The Huffington Post about Michelle Obama's February 4, 2008 
appearance on Good Morning America: . This piece also includes a link to the video 
of that appearance (also available on YouTube). Clearly this not-so-subtle threat is part 
and parcel of the Obama campaign strategy, and a not-so-subtle message to Obama 
supporters about what they should do if their man does not prevail in the primaries. 

By the way, I know Obama supporters, and this is, almost without exception, exactly their 
attitude: it's Obama or nobody. But since Nader has now officially thrown his moth-eaten hat 
into the ring, they can always vote for him if Hillary wins the nomination, as they did in Florida 
in 2000. Forget hanging chads or butterfly ballots; the Nader voters, 97,000 of them, gave 
the 2000 election to Bush by making it close enough for him to steal. Now they can do the 
same and give us a McCain presidency.

Want more? A Google search I performed on the phrase "Obama supporters not supporting
Clinton if she is the nominee" pulled up thousands of hits (you can narrow it down by searching 
on "Obama unsure Hillary can get his voters" or similar phrases). 

Bart, tell the person who sent that post to you never, never, NEVER to throw out such a
challenge to a librarian. Remember, "Librarians are the secret masters of the world. 
They control information. Don't ever piss one off."  -- Spider Robinson, The Callahan Touch.

Oh and didn't Hillary kick ass Tuesday night? 
I'm still in orbit! You go, girl!

Keep hammerin'
 Ann in Philly

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