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Subject: your comment on Apple Ads


Now I see your misguided and unfair Apple comment:

> If their product is as good as they say, why don't they ever talk about it? 
> Why do they spend 100% of their ad money ragging on Microsoft? 

1) It is as good as they say. Try properly using the iMac I sent you. I've seen enough 
of your Microsoft rants to know that you are quite familiar with the downside of Windows PCs.

First, thanks for the amazing generosity.
Second, the debate isn't over whether Microsoft makes a good product.
The subject is 'Why can't they talk about what's Apple good instead of Windows bad?'

2) Other non-TV Apple advertising is focused on product benefits. Perhaps they are tailoring 
their TV ads to all the Bartcops of America, who have been heard to say on occasion: 
"I'm a busy man. I got shit to do. Don't bog me down with a lot of technical details."

You say they run positive ads, too?
I'm sure that's possible, but I don't recall ever seeing one.
I enjoy their iPhone commercials because they're not negative.

3) In case you forgot, Microsoft is a convicted monopolist -- a corporate criminal. It richly deserves 
every factual criticism directed at it, both for its criminal acts as well as for holding personal computing 
back for decades solely for its own commercial greed. Freeing their bullied, brainwashed victims often 
requires a certain amount of counter-repetition. Sadly, some innocents may therefore have to suffer 
slightly from time to time.

That's a debate you're ready for and I'd probably agree with you,
but it still doesn't explain their carpet-bombing of all negative ads all the time.
Surely - there's something good about Apple PCs besides "It's not Windows."

Would Lexus spend a whole year ragging on Honda?
Would Coke buy 500 commercials to hurl insults at Pepsi?

What if NBC ran no promos for their shows, but in each break,
they told you how much shows on CBS and ABC sucked?
Wouldn't you say that was bad business?

There has actually been some discussion of the two new Apple spots in advertising industry circles 
(where I often hang out), especially in relation to the Microsoft ads which directly preceded them, 
where they don't even say the word "Vista" in them since it is such an epic fail.

Sorry, had to give a llittle pushback on this.
 blue in Seattle

You have every right to your opinions and dare I say... (Dare! Dare!)
you presented your argument better than the Apple ad people.

I watch football and it SEEMS like every commercial break has a Windows Stompfest.
If I ran Apple, now and then I'd include a reason to buy my product.

Perhaps if they weren't all Negative Nicks, 
they might have a bigger share of the market?

Thanks again for the Mac - it works great!

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