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Subject: let's argue about Ben Roethlisberger

Iím sure you donít want to keep going back and forth about Ben Roethlisberger, and neither do I , so Iíll just say my piece and be done.  

Oh, I like to argue - that's one reason I got into politics :)

And know that Iíll certainly keep reading your page.  Iím not one of these nits who stopped reading your page because you donít 
like the Cowboys or think Eric Clapton was the greatest guitarist ever.  Iím hoping weíre having a debate in fun.  Here's a few points:
1) The prosecutor, Bright, said that he couldnít prove that any sex happened between Ben and the girl, that Ben was ever in the bathroom, 
or that Ben was ever alone with the girl.

So why did Bright tell Ben publically that it was time he grew up and acted like a man? (my recollection)

2)      The girl went immediately from the bar to the hospital where she received a rape kit.  She had genital bruising, bleeding and a 
minor laceration, which sounds to me like intercourse could have occurred (or not), but which were not severe enough to say that 
rape had occurred.  There was only such a minute amount of DNA found that Bright didnít bother to ask Ben for his DNA since 
there was nothing to match it to.  Given that you can leave DNA on someone just by hugging them, is it possible to rape or have sex 
with a girl and not leave DNA on/in her?

3)      There was no sign of a fight on the girl.  No other bruising or torn clothing, etc.

4)      Letís keep in mind that Benís party that night included his publicist whose job it is to keep Ben out of trouble.  
Stories about the incident involve Benís bodyguards, but keep in mind that Benís bodyguards were themselves off-duty police officers.  
Itís not like Ben surrounded himself with a bunch of thugs out looking for trouble.  He surrounded himself with his publicist and 
two police officers, people who would be there to keep him out of trouble. 

5)      So from the story the girl and her sorority sisters told, Iím to believe that Benís bodyguards, police officers, dragged the girl 
to the restroom and then kept people away while Ben raped her?  I suppose there are cops in this country who are big enough 
douchebags to do something like that, but if youíre going to make those kinds of accusations against cops, Iím going to need to see a higher level of proof.  

6)      The NFL is indeed suspending Ben, but if you read Commissioner Goodellís letter to Ben, he says heís not disputing the 
prosecutorís decision regarding the rape case.  He claims heís doing it for giving alcohol to underage people.  Apparently, 
Ben was pouring shots and giving them out to people, some of whom were under 21.

You and I must assume there's a reason why Bright told Ben he had to grow up.
We must assume there's a reason why Terry Bradshaw scolded Ben publically
and we must assume there's a reason why the NFL suspended him for 6 games.

If there's no evidence, why isn't Ben screaming "I did nothing wrong?"

If I'm at some party with my publicist and my off-duty police bodyguards
and someone falsely accuses me of rape, I'm going to demand a full investigation
but that's not what we're hearing from Ben.

Iím not really trying to convince you of Benís 100% innocence.  
Like you, I wasnít there, I donít really know what happened.  
All Iím suggesting is that we donít know for a certainty that Ben assaulted the girl either.

I suppose time will be the final judge.
If no other women accuse Ben while he's a quarterback, then he'll seem less guilty.
But if a third woman makes an accusation, things will be bad for him.

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