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Subject: Arianna is dead wrong

Bart, you published Arianna saying:

A panicked and cash-short Clinton campaign is seriously considering
giving up on Nevada and South Carolina to save resources for the
mega-primary on February 5.

At the same time, some top independent expenditure groups supporting
Clinton have been exploring the creation of an anti-Obama "527 committee"
that would take unlimited contributions from a few of Clinton's super-rich
backers and from a handful of unions to finance television ads and direct
mail designed to tarnish the Illinois Senator's image.

Clinton had looked fully competitive in Nevada, but Obama's victories
(victories? Plural?) have boosted his chances there.


I just returned today from a week and a half in Nevada and I was shocked to read this.
It bears no resemblance to the facts on the ground.

1. Hillary is neither panicked or cash short. Reports are that she has a HUGE war-chest,
bigger than ANY candidate from either party.

You're right - didn't I recently read that Hilly and BO each have $100M?

2. Giving up on Nevada? Hardly, the ONLY commercials on Nevada TV were Hillary commercials.
They weren’t even generic commercials, they addressed items of issue specifically for Nevadans
(Yucca Mountain, water resources, etc.). I did see a Bill Richardson commercial (only one) but I
didn’t see anything from Obama or the other Democrats at all.

Gee, it's almost like Arianna is, ...dare I say it? ...lying.

3. How can Arianna call Hillary "cash strapped" in one sentence and then follow it up
with an accusation that Hillary is backing a new 527 committee with unlimited
contributions from super-rich backers?

Maybe Arianna knows that hatred blinds people and knocks out their common sense.
You're right - it's super-dumb to say, "She's broke" and "she has super-rich backers."
Why isn't Arianna smart enough to tell a lie that might actually work?

4. I predict Nevada will go for Hillary. Everyone I spoke with
that had Democratic leanings was on her side

Thanks Bart….
 Dennis in DC

Maybe the point was to fabricate a vicious slur against the Clintons on election day
- that way, but the time she gets caught and is forced to retract it, Arianna can say
"Golly gee, my bad,"
and pretend her false and vicious slurs don't really matter.

Poor Obama - he deserves better than this.

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