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Subject: your uncle's house

Bart, did you make any progress on the uncle’s house?
 Bill in Dallas

Actually, we have regressed.

We owe $6,000 in back property taxes (the state of Arkansas charged this
demented man $2200 a year to live in a condemned house full of f-ing mold).
This once best-house-in-town has turned into an eyesore.


If there was a God (why do I torture myself this way?) some architecture group would
swoop in and say, "We'll give you $200K for this piece of history," but noooooo.

Uncle Bill architected America's first hyberbolic perabola roof on a private home,
but that doesn't mean a lot when there's mold in the rafters.

The roof looks like this:

Every few weeks we get a call from the realtor saying some people want to see the house,
but when they see the mold, they say "nevermind" and leave.

Mrs Bart was supposed to inherit a fine mansion.
What we got was massive tax and legal bills and a house of mold.
Thanks for asking,

Spooky Sidebar:
Some Arkansas ghostbusters were driving by the house and saw some "paranormal activity."

They asked if the realtor if they could investigate and Mrs. Bart said yes because Uncle Bill
was into pyschic stuff.  The ghostbusters said they saw (
from outside thru the windows)
people in old clothing (twenties) having a cocktail party  so they set up their fancy equipment
last July and spent
the night in that house of mold when it was 90 degrees.

When they were done they send us a DVD that showed "orbs" flying from room to room.

Of course, those of us blessed with a belief in science and logic reject the ghostly stuff,

but still it was creepy to see "orbs" floating around in a house Mrs. Bart semi-grew up in.


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