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Locations of visitors to this page

These talented people wrote in:    




Subject: fund-raising with art

Hi Bart,
I love this idea and I would love to participate. 
I'm a regular visitor to your site and have only contributed once, years ago.
Hopefully this is a way I can give a little something back!

Anyway, I make guitars.  Tho, perhaps not exactly what you're envisioning. 
I'll gladly donate this one to the cause and ship it to whoever you identify as the auction winner.
  Bob in Hillsborough, NC

Bob, that's quite a guitar - thanks.

  Subject: fund-raising with art

Bart, pick whatever sculpture you want to auction.  I’ll take care of shipping the day you get your money.


Kathy, thanks for that.

Maybe we should let the bidders pick one?

Subject: fund-raising with art

Bart, Mario’s idea is a winner.  I am a semi-pro photographer. 
Here is a link to some of my work.  Pic one and let me know.

Rick Pauline

Rick, thanks for that.

Subject: fund-raising with art

Bart --  Interestingly, the past couple of days I'd been thinking exactly what
Mario the Photographer suggested in today's edition of your blog so thought
I'd jump right on board and attach a couple of photos for you: 

A black and white and a colored drawing -- pick one or use both if you wish.

People tend to be more attracted to color but I prefer my black and whites. 
The Juggler is 9x12 and Beautiful day is 11x11.5.  I sell my drawings for $200
to give you an idea of the value I place on them.

I live near Nevada City, CA and would love to send you some of our rain. 
Right now 80 degrees sounds like a little bit of heaven!

Hope this idea brings in some cash for you...
 Steve in Nevada City, CA    See more of Stephen's art HERE


Steve, those are great - thanks

Anyone else out there want to trade a piece of art for some exposure?

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